Justin Greer is a first class professional in every way. I’ve worked closely with him both as a performer and as an educator and always find him to be inspiring to those around him. He has a knack for creating work for children that is engaging, entertaining and educational. Children are drawn to him and his magnetic enthusiasm. When teaching an older crowd, Justin brings the same energy along with clarity and precision. He has passion for teaching the arts and his students reap the benefits of his extensive experience.
— Courtney Young, Broadway Dance Captain
Justin has been a guest clinician at the Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Performing Arts for several years. He has worked with students in the vocal, theater and dance programs, teaching them dance combinations, speaking to them about college and career aspirations in theater, and providing honest yet inspiring answers to their questions. Justin is a joy to have in the classroom, infusing passion and positive energy into everything he teaches. The students and I always look forward to his visits!
— Michele Zuckman, Vocal Music Teacher
Lehigh Valley Charter HS for the Performing Arts
Bethlehem, PA
While Justin was exploring a career in arts education, I was privileged to facilitate a two week intensive workshop out of New York City Center called Performing Artists Teaching in K-12. Justin showed his inclination and natural teaching abilities then and has honed the successfully for years. He is one of those gifted teachers that can engage even the most reluctant student. He shares his passion and joy for musical theater and dance with an enthusiasm and a pedagogical style that is enviable.
— Karen Curlee, Senior Associate
Together In Dance
New York City
Each year, Justin creates a culminating Musical Production, which is performed by our students in grades K-5. Justin works with the teachers to embed their curriculum into his lessons. Through these productions our students have learned valuable skills such as organization, memorization, dedication and teamwork. Justin’s creativity and passion for his craft is contagious. The students and staff look forward to working with Mr. Justin every year, and he has truly become a art of the PS76 family!
— Maria Cioffi
Assistant Principal, PS76x
It was a privilege to have Mr. Justin Greer come to Kenmore East High School. During his visit, he engaged my advanced theater class in a creative movement piece. After having met the 11th and 12th graders for only a few minutes, he had them all up on stage, moving, dancing and dramatically posing in ways that I never imagined. Even the “shy” and the “tough” ones eagerly responded to Mr. Greer’s instruction and were anxious to learn more. The class enjoyed learning Mr’ Greer’s piece so much that they chose to showcase it during our spring fine arts festival. The response from all was tremendous!

Mr. Greer has a natural gift as a performer but also as an educator. His delivery is engaging, his knowledge of subject matter is top-notch, and his passion for teaching and learning is immeasurable. Mr. Justin Greer is an outstanding educator who I am honored to give my highest recommendation.
— Nikki Hanagan, English Department Chair
Kenmore East High School
Kenmore, NY
Justin worked with the Royal Caribbean Singers and Dancers as well as the Youth Staff in professional training for the performance program he created for Camp Broadway. This program, under his influence, was a huge success. Working alongside Justin Greer truly is a wonderful experience. He has so much knowledge for both teaching and performing and is able to share it with his pupils, which is a talent unto itself.
— Jeannette Bilski, Adventure Ocean Manager
Royal Caribbean International
Justin Greer teaches from the heart. He makes a point of truly connecting with his students and comes at it from an organic standpoint. Justin’s teaching style makes sense to the students on a fundamental level. I believe the students come out of Justin’s classes with a truly authentic experience that relates to them and helps them to grow as individuals and as artists.
— Kelly D’Amboise, teaching artist